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Years Ago…

She smiled, seeing the short flash of color out of the corner of her eye, and the soft, child-like giggle. Brighid laughed, turning from her scrying flame. “Little Trickster, I saw you.”

He pulled himself back around the corner, smiling shly up at the older woman. He was nearly as well behaved around her as his Lady Mothers. Just as shy, he held out a simple flower to her, one that had clearly come from the Bright Lady’s gardens. She took it, tucking it behind her ear, into the top of one of her braids. “It’s very pretty, Puck.” He blushed brightly, darting off. She smiled. She knew why, even if no one else did, why he did such sweet things. She just didn’t know when it would happen. It was something she had to be patient for…

But damn, when would he finally come of age? She was starting to get impatient…especially with something big on the horizon.


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