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In Another Reality

Emrys smiled, looking over the sleeping kitsune’s shoulder. She had fallen asleep with her book open again, her studies keeping her on her toes. He had grown proud of the studious girl. Since her parents had first arrived in Arcadia, seeking asylum from the Mad Queen’s rule, and her birth, he had enjoyed the company of the foreign race.

The kitsune’s magic wasn’t that different from what he knew, but the subtle changes was enough to keep him interested in learning it, mastering it, and helping teach the Wakahisa’s child when it was born. Their word magic was different than any other he knew, from the distant empire they arrived from.

And of course, as Makoto grew up, so came the training of her natural magics, as well as combat. The long spear-blade described to the Lord Smith was a new creation from the kitsunes’ homeland, but nothing suited them better.

Between shifting between genders, learning to full control the shift to a fox and back, training with her weapons, studying the word magic, and then spending the rest of their free-time reading and studying everything the Lord Mage had in his house…he was impressed she remembered to eat and sleep.

He silently summoned over his familiar. Sticky scrambled along with a blanket much heavier than himself, offering it up to the Mage. Emrys smiled, carefully tucking around the shoulders of his best student.

She deserved the rest.


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