Father Daughter Bonding


The new lady of the manor paused in her calling just outside the workshop door. He hadn’t been in the nursery, nor his office, or any of the reading rooms. She had even stopped in every bedroom, just in case he had gotten tired.

However, she should have looked here first, having seen the nursery empty of even their child.

Thea couldn’t help but smile as she leaned against the doorframe, watching her husband play with their small daughter. Cassie had a small screwdriver, one meant for the tiniest of screws, waving it and thumping it excitedly against a clear part of the workbench as Evan slowly went over each tool, telling her what it was, and what it was used for. Soon enough, their daughter would start repeating those words back to them in half-learned syllables, and love to work with machines as much as her parents did.

Thea turned away from the door, content to know where they were. He’d come find her soon enough if he needed her.


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