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It was probably that she was going crazy. Or she had channeled too much power all at once, and suffered the Paradox from using such a large runespell all at once.

But that night, as she asked the sliver of moon, asked of it and her friend long gone, if she had done right, she swore she got a response in the cool breeze.

She had probably been drunk and imagining it, but last night, as she apologized again and again, confessing her guilt, she swore she felt someone beside her that wasn’t there. Like he was at her side again.

She only returned inside once she felt it fade.

Now…no large magics, no alcohol. Just the remaining sting of memories triggered from another’s words, old scars aching. Wrapped in blankets and cloak, once again under the stars and watchful moon, she turned her eyes skyward. Hopeful.

“I’m scared I’m just imagining this…Please…don’t let it be? I…do you miss me? Am I a nuisance? I…I miss my friend…” She ducks her head, bundling up just outside the door. Looking up again, she sighs, once. “I miss you…please don’t let this be a false hope…please…”


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