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Found Again

Grey eyes narrowed in concentration, she ignored the stray strands of curly brown hair in her face. If only…just a little longer…

A bump in the road jarred the wagon just enough that Brannagh sighed, putting down her stitching. Crawling off her bed in a decidedly unladylike manner, she opened the door, judging the speed just right to hop off the backsteps, and ran around towards the front as fast as she could go.

“Mama!” She cried out. “Mama, when we stop next, can I go play?”

Moira smiled at her oldest girl. Looking to Donovan beside her, he sighed, drawing the wagon to a halt. “It’s nearing dark anyway. Stay out of trouble, and be back in camp before dark.”

The ten year old grinned, running pell-mell off towards the woods nearby. They always passed by this thicket, and for some reason she always wanted to play in it. Exploring the forest carefully was her hobby. Though…

The tree she found had the best hiding spot was where she stashed some of her toys, ones she didn’t want to pass down to her brother and sister, ones she didn’t want to grow out of. Her favorite doll was hidden in a small box here…

Upon opening the box, she let out a small sound of sorrow. It wasn’t there anymore! Thick tears rolled down her cheeks as she tucked the box in the little bag she brought with her, the joy in these woods now as lost as her doll was. Maybe someone found it and brought it home for their little girl. No matter what happened, it wouldn’t do to go searching…it would be a lost cause.

Brannagh stared in amazement, fingers shaking as she brushed over the faded cloth, the patterned fabric a little ragged, but not badly. Even her yarn hair wasn’t in terrible shape.

“Where did you find her?” She choked out, looking up at her husband. Tears threatened to fall, memories of playing with her from years ago fresh in her mind. “I thought I’d lost her…”

“A little girl hid her away in a box near where I was staying…I thought she was abandoning it, not…so, I took it…kept it safe. I only remembered about her when realizing we don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl, and it’s no fun just playing with one doll…”

“All these years…oh, Puck!”


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