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Wannabe Runaway

“I told you already, you can’t come with me!” The frazzled Fae stared at the young girl, her eyes wide and sorrowful, bag clutched to her chest. Years ago, he would have lead her along cheerfully, disappearing with a cackle on the noble girl with silly intentions. These days, though…

“Yes, I can!” She stomped her foot, skirts flouncing, then scrambling to follow after the lanky man’s long strides. “It’s love at first sight!”

“Not for me,” he muttered, heading towards home. Ah! Best way to show this foolish girl to not run off after some mysterious bard showing up on her doorstep. The colorful wagon lit up his heart. The laundry line was inside, meaning Brannagh had finished that while he was out. The meadow around it was silent, so the younger children must have been napping. Even Muiredach was behaving, head bowed low to snuff at some long grass nearby, without a tether.

“Th-that’s your home? B-but the way my friend was acting, I thought…”

“You thought this’d be a comfy ride to a marriage with a half-elf with some money, did you?”

“Sh-she said you were famous…”

“Among certain circles…” He couldn’t help but smirk, knowing she thought his headwear a mere decoration of vines. “I told you, you’d rather stay at home, not yammer on about running away with a wild traveling bard.”

To his surprise, the girl set her jaw. It startled him, reminding him of Brannagh. “It’s fine! I-I’ll get used to it, Master Songchaser!”

“Uh…I think you’re still not getting it…”

As though to re-enforce his point, the door to the wagon opened. Out bounded a green blur, slowing to show an excited corgi in the strange hue, tail wagging eagerly. A boy went running after him, laughing loudly. A trio of children, one older than the other two, came tumbling out after him. The three younger children all had the starts of pointed ears, and unruly red hair. At a much more respectable pace came the light of his life. Without needing to know he was coming home, she turned, smiling even over the distance.

“That, young miss, is why you can’t run away with me, and claim love. I already have it.”


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