She ran her hands through her hair again, letting out a long sigh of relief. She knew how mortals could be, how they should have been. Even things as ancient as herself could still be nervous, scared. Sure, she was as cold and bitter as the very waters her children lived, but…

They had done it.They had been smart, they had accepted her thanks, though she doubted many knew of how much that meant. To be owed a favor from something such as herself…

The being known as Lorelei, and by many other names, shuddered, trying not to lose herself in emotions. They knew Shane, greeted him as a friend, and finally had a chance at goodbyes. Even if they could seance him at any time, he had gone so suddenly before that they hadn’t had a chance. She understood the importance.

More than anything, she knew how important it was for the pup’s survival…for Aine. Her mother Siobhan looked on in awe. The one who knew her son best even told her that if they would want for anything, to only find him in his lands. These adventurers had saved her children once, already, now. Maybe it wasn’t so foolish to hope-

Brogan shadowed her door once more, worrying their lip. “Mother?”

She looked up, offering a small smile. “Don’t you fuss, child-mine. I’m fine.”

“Are you sure, Mother?”

She stood now, smiling widely. “Very sure. I hadn’t expected mortals to…actually care.”

It was Brogan’s turn to smile, eager and bright. How long had it been since her children could smile in such a way? “They can surprise even you?”

“Even me.”


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