Fantasy · Table-top Game

Little Fox (Part 3)

“Ugh. They picked you up too?” Makoto looked up from the book they had, barely interested in anything outside the story. It was safer that way. As it was, the man from the Discovery Initiative had no idea how to handle the idea of someone as different as Makoto, or how everyone seemed to despise them. The quiet bookworm seemed to just put off an aura of uncaring, strange for one so young. They stared at the boy sitting across from them, watching the sneer and the meager toolkit held proudly in his lap. They thought for a moment, remembering him as they noted the scar over one cheek. Ah. Yes. Alan. Mechanist. One of my more frequent tormentors. “What good are you, anyway? Just going to sit around reading and being a nuisance to everyone, aren’t you, you freak?”

The boy’s words hissed out from behind his teeth, ending just as the carriage door opened to reveal the DI man again, bringing them to the school. The man glanced over them both, feeling the tense atmosphere. Instead of saying anything to the two charges, he leaned out the door, calling for the driver to start on their way back through the Welsh countryside, to this academy, before settling down next to Alan. Makoto sighed inwardly, turning back to their story rather than watch their home of the last 8 years disappear. Maybe once at the school, they could teach them how to not be such a freak. Maybe there was even a place in this world for them.


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