Fantasy · Table-top Game

Little Fox (Part 4)

They had been careful, trying to not stand out. It wasn’t hard, with the sheer number of people who just looked…different. Maybe it would all be okay. This school could be a good place for them. Maybe…maybe there would even be someone like them here.

“Hi! I’m Quintis.” The human boy plopped down in the next desk over, as Makoto waited for the first class of the entire first year to begin. They blinked, startled. Who would talk to them?

“U-um. I’m…I’m Makoto.” They flashed a quick, nervous smile. This is how these always started. Friendly enough, at first, and then…They fidgeted, listening to this new person ramble on about how they already knew how to do some magic, and how the school was going to help them advance to be the best, ever.

“S-sorry. The…the best ever…what?”

“Shadowhunter, of course! They say nobles aren’t supposed to be, but I’ll do it anyway. I don’t want to be stuck doing boring meetings all the time. I want to fight villains, and spy on enemy countries.”

Their eyes grew huge behind their glasses. “Like…like heroes and adventurers in stories?”


“I…I want to be one too!” Fight villains…be a hero to people. That sounded like a perfect future to hope for.

“Maybe we’ll be apprentices together, some day. What about you? What kind of magic do you do? What house are you in?”

“I-I’m in Innate…”

“Ah. With all those dogs. Bah, Mongrel House.” The boy sneered, and Makoto knew that this was going to go downhill, and fast.

“Wh-wha? What do…”

“Bet you’re a shifter, too.”

“N-no…I-I can’t…” If I could, I wouldn’t be walking around with my tail out all the time…Makoto swished their tail, feeling fidgety. The other boy made a face, pulling away. Apparently he hadn’t seen it until that moment.

“Huge glasses, big tail…what, do you have useless magic too?” The boy stood. “You’ll never be a Shadowhunter.” He scoffed, demeanor snapping from friendly to cruel. “Freak.”

The word set them off, pulling into a ball in their seat, hoping to just disappear, to block out the world around them. They weren’t sure where the paper came from, but the little dome felt better than being stared at already. Maybe…maybe they could stay here forever.


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