Fantasy · Table-top Game

Little Fox (Part 5)

It was the first, and last, time that Makoto would ever skip a class. But really, the hope being dashed time and time again…and this time from a Hunter themselves.

All the third year students had been called down to the Great Hall to see a demonstration from the Shadowhunters, explaining skills they looked for in graduates from the school, knowing that they only had a few more years to work hard towards that goal. When the demonstration was over, and they allowed the students to ask questions, the shy fox approached one of them, meaning to see if maybe the words slung at them for years were false.

The man had sneered, much in the way that Quintis had, not even two years ago. He said that only those who could look human were even considered for Shadowhunter training. He had spat a single word at the end, that caused Makoto to flee.

The bookworm had ran to their room, throwing themselves dramatically onto their bed. Stupid tail, stupid ears. Never before had they hated themself so badly. They could never disguise themself, with so many clear markings and features, and the worthless magic they had…they curled up around a pillow, sobbing. No one would ever see them like this, and no one would ever know how much it hurt to have such a great dream dashed like this. They had hoped, so hard, that what they were told by Quintis was a lie, that maybe they could be someone that could make a difference in the world. All they found out was that they’d never be anything more than a freak.


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