Fantasy · Table-top Game

Little Fox (Part 6)

“Hi!” The soft voice came from in front of them, and the last thing they were expecting was the pretty girl they had noticed from afar standing there, smiling. How often had they come to the library only to be caught off-guard by the graceful girl restocking the shelves, and caught watching her for near hours? “I’m Sofia.” Up close, they could tell much more clearly she had very Mediterranean features. The strong nose, her soft eyes, and the deep brown curls that spilled over her shoulders.

“Uh.” Their voice cracked in the noise, making the girl giggle softly. They blushed brilliantly, surprised. That was a new sensation. This wasn’t shame like when people made fun of them. Was this…embarrassment? “Hi?”

“What’s your name?”

“Um. M-Makoto.” They fought down the feeling of panic. With panic came…that. Maybe she would think them normal, if they kept calm.

“Oh! Nice to meet you, Makoto. You’re always here. I noticed.” They blushed harder, as she kept looking right at them. “I…um. This is going to sound weird, but…you haven’t read them, but…you’ll like these.” She placed the pile of books from her arms down in front of them, flashing an adorable little grin. After a moment, she waved in parting, moving to continue her rounds. They watched her go, feeling a fluttering tightness in their chest. Slowly, their gaze returned to the books she had left, and minutes later, they were carrying them gently to their room.

She had offered the greatest gift possible; new books. They hoped that this could mean that she might end up at least being their friend. Their only one, but if she wanted to…they wouldn’t mind someone to talk to.


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